ant to stand at the spot where Roger Clemens struck out 20 batters? Walk in the footsteps of Ted Williams as he took his final lap round the bases? Bat where Carlton Fisk hit his walk-off homer? Boston is where memories are forever.

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The Green Monster

The oldest major league ballpark in use, Fenway still retains the feel and features it did when it opened. It all started on April 20, 1912 when the Red Sox played the New York Highlanders (who later changed their name to the Yankees).

Named after its location (the Fens area of Boston), the park received its most iconic add-on in the 1930s – a 37 foot-high wall which was later painted dark green. The Green Monster was born.

Meet the Little Monster

Boston Park features the Little Monster. This replica of Fenway’s famous left field wall stands 18 ft. tall and runs 200 ft. from home plate. Center field is 250 ft.

Boston Field2


o create a tribute to the spirit of Boston, Ballparks of America has outfitted its replica stadium with reclaimed seats from Fenway, the Little Monster in left field, a triangle region in center field and a tribute to Pesky’s Pole down the right field line.

Stadium Stats

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