Photography Action Posters and Banners

Capture All the Action for a Lifetime of Memories

Register now and let us take care of the pictures

Here’s How to Register for Photography Packages:

Step 1

Got to the ‘add-on’ section of your EventConnect Team Dashboard and register.

Step 2

One of our professional photographers will capture your athlete in action during a game.

Step 3

Head down to our campus store to select and purchase your athlete’s action poster. Your $20 fee is applied to any in-store action photo purchase.

Check Out These Samples!

CRWS Grand Slam Package

* Your $20.00 deposit is only valid as a credit on-site at the tournament for action photos. Deposits are not valid after the tournament so please remember to view & purchase your photos at the event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The deposit represents your desire for high quality action shots of your athlete. It guarantees that one of our photographers will capture your athlete during your event. Once the images have been taken, the $20 will be applied as a credit for any on-site purchases. The deposit is non-refundable.

Images will be available to view online. We will convert player galleries to have store capabilities 2-3 weeks after each tournament. Individual images will be available to purchase through the store. Your deposit is not valid for any purchase after the tournament concludes.

Once our photographer captures your images, they will be uploaded to your athlete’s personal gallery within 24 hours. You will have the ability to view the images online or at our photography store front and select the images you wish to have included. After you select the images, our design team will create your poster and send you a proof before printing. Your poster will be available for pickup in the photography store.

We cover each athlete for one game. Due to so many registrations, we need to make sure each athlete is covered equally. Our photographers ensure that plenty of images are taken for you to choose from.

Our photographers may be assigned multiple athletes per game. They will be there for the duration of the game and take plenty of images of each athlete.